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 Boy Scout Leader Training

Updated 1/2/15


Required Trainings to Wear the "Trained" Strip as a Boy Scout Leader:

  •      Youth Protection Training:  Youth Protection Training (YPT):
All volunteers are required to complete Youth Protection Training and must renew the training every two years. This training is accessible to the general public online at NO CHARGE at  in
e-learning after you log into your account. (Anyone can create an account and later add their member number for credit.  Always PRINT and/or save a coy of completion certificates)
.    There are two different YPT courses, one under the General tab which applies to Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Varsity Scouts; and one under the Venturing tab which applies to Venturing (Venturing YPT). 
.    Leaders must take the applicable course for the Scout program in which they are registered.  (If they are dual-registered in Venturing and another Scout program, the must take both the YPT and the VYPT.)  The training provides important information about reporting, detecting and preventing abuse, no matter where it may occur.   If the YPT is not current, a volunteer will be dropped from the unit’s charter…and/or may not register.
Completion is noted automatically in the BSA training records database if the module is experienced online. Youth Protection Training Online - click here.
  • Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training:
These courses provide leaders with the information and tools they need to conduct a successful program.   Without them, the program can NOT be delivered to fulfill the critical goals of the BSA and a leader will NOT have the tools to make their job easier, as well as incorporating EDGE!    
Separate courses exist for leaders of Cub Scout, Boy Scout, [Varsity Scout, Sea Scout, and Venturing programs [There are also separate position specific courses (Committee Challenge) for the Committee Members of these various programs. Not all are online…the ones that are cost nothing.
The required fundamentals course training for Scoutmasters and Asst. Scoutmasters is offered at the District & Council level. This “indoor” portion is usually a day or two evenings….and the other required part is “Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills” (IOLS).   See below…
  • Introduction To Outdoor Leadership Skills:
Hands-on training that teaches Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, and Varsity Coaches, [Assistant Varsity Coaches, and Venturing Advisors and Associate Advisors] basic outdoor leader skills.   [This course is required to complete basic training for these Boy Scout and Varsity Scout leaders and for these Venturing leaders when their Venturing Crews that have outdoor programs.  It is also required for all LDS Venturing Advisors and Associate Advisors.]  Offered at the District levels…check the calendar for the next available one. 

       Additional Supplemental Trainings:

               (Some are REQUIRED for specific positions)
Fast Start Training: Take this free course immediately after registering as a leader and before meeting with youth members. Courses are specific to the program (Cub Scout leader, Boy Scout leader, Varsity Coach, or Venturing crew leader) and available online at  It offers an overview and shows what the meetings should look like.        Fast Start Training Online - click here.
This is Scouting:  Provides an overview of the Scouting organization, including history, values, programs, Youth Protection, community involvement, and training.  The module consists of six video sections, each followed by a brief quiz.  Completion is noted automatically in the BSA training records database. This is Scouting Online - click here.
Troop Committee Challenge: Offered online and in a classroom setting. Course designed to help Troop Committee Members better understand their roles and responsibilities through interactive learning. REQUIRED for Committee level volunteers as their position specific training.  Offered at the Unit and District level. Troop Committee Challenge Training Online - click here
Chartered Organization Representative (COR) Training:  As a chartered organization representative, you hold a key position in Scouting. While there is honor attached to this position, it is not an "honorary" one. Your primary function is to ensure that the chartered organization's Scouting  program succeeds.  This course is designed to present you with the basics you need to carry out your new responsibilities as a chartered organization representative.  After finishing the online training, you may print a certificate of completion.  Your Job as a COR  
Principals of Leave No Trace: In addition to preserving the wilderness, Leave No Trace practices help Scouting units stay safe during back country expeditions. Leave No Trace - Click here
Pow Wow: An annual day-long training conference for Cub Scout leaders from across the Council! A fun day of exhibits, networking, program updates, ideas and much more!
University of Scouting (UoS): Leaders from all programs and experience levels gather to share, network, and learn in an annual day-long event.  Merit Badge classes for youth are also included.
Boy Scout Leader Roundtable: Monthly District level program with the purpose of providing a place to network with other leaders and learn what updates are coming for the next two months.   It gives leaders the skills and ideas they need to deliver an exciting Boy Scout Program to the boys. Also a place to ask questions of District leadership…and be trained in different aspects.
Powder Horn: High-adventure resource training designed to expose
[Adult leaders and older Scouts] to the activities and resources necessary to operate a successful outdoor/high-adventure unit-level program.  Offered at the Council level.
Wood Badge: Professionally administered advanced training in leadership skills available for all registered leaders in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturing, as well as Council and District Scouters.  Skills help in the position, the work place, the church calling and/or the home! Fun, intense and rewarding….all are encouraged to attend! 
Aquatics Supervisor Courses - Swim and Water Rescue or Paddlecraft:  More advanced training in Aquatics Safety - offered at Summer Camp.  The online course called Water Hazards is required for water events.
National Training Conferences are held at:
40 sec video:
These High Adventure locations offer “Invitational training” held during the summer to enhance knowledge, skills and attitude to improve performance of District and Council level Scouting roles.  Approval by the Council is needed.
Boy Scout Leader Training.doc  (in BSA MS Word)….file available electronically from Carol McCarthy, Council Trng Chair

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