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Nut Order Forms

When: October 12th
Where: Camp Roland
Who: Cub Scouts
What to Bring: $3.00 & a Small- or Medium-Sized Pumpkin

Registration & Information Forms

Information [DOCX] (Same info as on this page)

Registration Form

     This year’s Fun Day will be sponsored by Pack 460 and looks like it will be a lot of fun. We will be having all the shooting sports the boys love but will also include some fun fall activities including a Trebuchet and Haunted Trail. Pumpkins will be used in races and afternoon fun activities.

     Family camping in dens will be going on that night so please register for Fun Day and/or camping with the council. Forms are included. Payment can be made the day of camp. Registration starts at 8:00 AM; rotations will begin around 9:00 AM. Remember that no open toed shoes are permitted. Bring warm clothes. Fishing may be on the schedule but boys will NOT be permitted in the water.


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