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Scout Troops
Troop 1 - Princeton, WV - Mike LaMothe, Scoutmaster - First United Methodist Church (304) 425-5155
Troop 12 - Bland, VA - Pete Gregory, Scoutmaster - Bastian Union Church
Troop 14 - Bluefield, WV - Wayne Hartley, Scoutmaster - Meets every MONDAY 7:00 p.m. First Christian Church (304) 325-3792
Troop 37 - Pembroke VA - James Horton, Scoutmaster - Pembroke LDS Church - WEDNESDAY (except 3rd Wednesday) 7:00 p.m. (540) 599-
Troop 61 - Richlands, VA - Blaine White, Scoutmaster - Meets THURSDAY at 7:30 p.m. at Davis Chapel Church (276) 963-0525
Troop 68 - Narrows, VA - Tim Bowles, Scoutmaster - Meets MONDAY at 6:00 p.m. - Intermont Lodge (540) 726-7136
Troop 92 - Thompson Valley, VA - Jamie Smith, Scoutmaster - (276) 970-1186
Troop 93 - Tazewell, VA - Tazewell Presbyterian Church
Troop 94 - Tazewell/Springville, VA - William Chambers, Scoutmaster - Destiny Outreach Ministries (276) 979-0492
Troop 130 - Pineville, WV - Paula Mattox - (304) 732-9371 - Meets TUESDAY at 6:30 p. m.
Troop 252 - Bluewell, VA - Solomon Sowers, Scoutmaster - TUESDAY 6:30-Bluewell United Methodist Church (304) 589-5466
Troop 264 - Pembroke VA - Ted Brewster, Scoutmaster - Meets SUNDAY 5:00 - Pembroke Boy Scout Hut (540) 599-5770
Troop 436 - Bluefield, VA -David Boone, Scoutmaster - Bluefield Church of Latter Day Saints (276) 928-1614
Troop 1018 - Bluefield, VA - Buford Sadler, Scoutmaster - Emanuel Lutheran Church (304) 425-7994

Cub Packs
Pack 2 - Green Valley, WV – William Renn, Cubmaster - Greenview United Methodist Church (304) 920-0616
Pack 10 - Princeton, WV - Angela Walters - Cubmaster - Sacred Heart Catholic Church (304) 922-2737
Pack 21 - Bastian, VA - Samantha Moore, Cubmaster - Bastian Union Church (276) 613-5169
Pack 61 - Richlands, Chris Blankenship, Cubmaster - Gethsemane Baptist Church - TUESDAY at 7:00 p.m. (276) 964-2215
Pack 82 - Bluefield, WV - Krista Ellison, Cubmaster - Bland Street UMC - THURSDAY - 6:30 p.m. (304) 320-4668
Pack 92 - Thompson Valley, VA - Jerry Buchanan, Scoutmaster - (276) 988-3139
Pack 93 - Tazewell, VA -  Cubmaster - Tazewell Presbyterian Church
Pack 94 - Bluefield, VA – Travis Johnson, Cubmaster - Virginia Avenue Methodist Church (276) 322-3934
Pack 130 - Pineville, WV - Paula Mattox, Cubmaster - (304) 732-9371 - MONDAY - 6:30 p. m.
WEBELOS Pack 130 - Pineville, WV - Paula Mattox, Cubmaster - (304) 732-9371 - WEDNESDAY - 5:30 p. m.
Pack 252 - Bluewell, WV - Norma Sowers, Cubmaster - Meets THURSDAY 6:30-Bluewell United Methodist Church (304) 589-5466
Pack 384 - Athens, WV - Greg Godwin, Cubmaster - Concord United Methodist Church (304) 384-9636
Pack 436 - Bluefied, VA - Cubmaster - Bluefield Church of Latter Day Saints
Pack 460 - Pembroke, VA - Dan Cook, Cubmaster - Pembroke United Methodist Church MONDAY - 6:45 p.m. (540) 544-7100

Venture Crews
Crew 1 - Richlands, VA - Glenn Harrison, Advisor                                                                                                  Crew 11 - Princeton, WV - Major Robert Grace, Advisor (ROTC) - Mercer County Schools (304) 425-0270
Crew 24 - Pembroke, VA - Richard Groesbeck, Advisor - Pembroke Church of Latter Day Saints (540) 953-1950
Crew 93 - Tazewell, VA - Robert Alford, Advisor - Tazewell Presbyterian Church (276) 988-7107
Crew 161 - Richlands, VA - Tim Wallace, Advisor - Citizens (276) 963-0525

Chapter Chief - Jonathan Umbarger

Our advancement chair, Mr. Dan Cook, recently sent out an email in an attempt to get the word out about the proper procedures to follow for advancement, Eagle Projects, merit badge counseling and more. Here is a brief summary:

Anyone needing to arrange an Eagle Scout Board of Review should contact Dan Cook directly ( or (540) 544-7100

Anyone would like to be a merit badge counselor, should send the completed application, certificate of Youth Protection, and Adult Leader application to Dan Cook. Visit the link below for the most current list of approved counselors. MB Counselor list

  • Dan has created an online presence for topics dealing with advancement within our district, in the hopes of fostering more discussion and to have a more efficient way to communicate to interested parties. There are a few people that are currently subscribed. If you would like to be a part of this group, please send Dan Cook your email address.

  • Dan Cook has an Eagle Advancement educational presentation that he would be happy to present to your troop. It will answer many question that scouts and their parents have. If you are interested - send Dan a note. He made several presentations and it has been well received.

We are fortunate to have such a willing and enthusiastic advancement chair. Please contact him and he will be glad to assist you in your advancement efforts. Thanks Dan!

Our Advancement Chair has done a great job of keeping up with current merit badge counselors. A link to all counselors that we have on file is here: MB Counselor list and on the Badge-O-Ree 2012 page. This list is not perfect (but it's pretty close!). Please contact Dan Cook to update, add to, or correct the list. Also let Dan know if you would like to be removed from the list. Please remember that it is up to each counselor, and those who choose to use the counselor, to ensure that his/her Youth Protection Training is up to date. Dan Cook (540) 544-7100.
As you can see, we are blessed with many knowledgeable, caring, and WILLING volunteers in our District. Thanks to all of the adults who give so freely of their time each week at Scout meetings and for the "special" effort that you give for events like those mentioned above. You are the best!
IF you are planning to do any event that involves any climbing or rappelling you must have TRAINED staff present. Please contact Tim Wallace if you would like to be trained.

 District meetings are held every third Thursday of the month so come out and let your voice be heard! We need to have better representation from CUB SCOUT leaders at these meetings. There are lots more events in the District. Check out the CALENDAR link above so see the latest. You don't want to miss this meeting!

Upcoming Events

Winter Activities
I know it’s the middle of winter and it’s hard to think about anything but staying home snuggled up by a fire. However, the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts have some fun winter events coming up in February that I’m sure you and your boys would have a great time at. The Boy Scout Cold Rush will be at Camp Roland on the weekend of February 14th (bring your sweetheart with you). Klondike Dan has got a great day of Boy Scout program planned and you may even take home some gifts for that special someone. Cost will be $8.00 per boy and includes a wonderful customized patch! The Cub Scout Fun Day will be on February 28th at the Richlands Teen Center. The Center has many activities including a skate park, a computer room, a video room, a game room, and Tim Wallace is going to open the climbing wall. Paula Mattox is making some belt loops available, possibly for the last time so please plan on attending one or both of these great events!
District Pinewood Derby
It’s almost race time! The District Pinewood Derby is almost upon us.  Paula Mattox, Charish Holley and Jeremy Sipple have a wonderful race day planned for all our Cub Scouts and their families. The race will be held once again at the Maple View Church of Christ, located next to the Mercer Mall, on Saturday March 14. Cost is $5.00 per scout. Registration will begin at 9:00 AM and we will start the races at 10:30 AM. All boys will race on all the lanes of the track and their times will be averaged to determine the winners. There will be medals for all first, second and third place finishers in the different dens and trophies for overall first, second and third place finishers for the district. There will also be trophies awarded for each den for Best in Show. The first, second and third place district winners (as well as overall Pack winners) are eligible to attend the Council Race, which will be held in Charleston on April 11. We will also have an outlaw race at the conclusion of the District race where everyone can participate. All cars must meet the same requirements that the official cars do except that they can weigh up to 10 ounces. I hope to see all of our Cub Scout families at this great event.
District Recognition Dinner
The Mountain Dominion District Recognition Dinner will be held at Ryan’s Restaurant in Princeton, WV on Saturday March 28th, starting at 6:30. This is the time of year when we honor our own so if you know of anyone deserving to be recognized with the District Award of Merit or the Scouter’s Award, please fill out a nomination form and turn it back in to Dan Cook, Charles Truckenmiller, David Emanuel, Bill Cooley or Thomas Kozikowski by February 28th.

District Contacts
  • District Commissioner - Thomas Kozikowski (540) 626-4242
  • District Chair - William Cooley - (304) 324-8949
  • Senior District Executive - Charles Truckenmiller - (304) 920-7921
  • Cub Scout Program Chair – Paula Mattox (304) 732-9371
  • Boy Scout Program Chair - Dan Trent (276) 322-3911
  • Venture Program Chair - Tim Wallace  (276) 963-0525
  • Training Chair – Jeremy Sipple – (540) 632-2696
  • Advancement Chair - Dan Cook (540) 544-7100
  • Camping Chair – Kermit Davis
  • Unit Service - Thomas Kozikowski (540) 626-4242
  • Family FOS Chair – Phillip Ball
  • FOS Chair – Charlie Cole
  • Finance Chair – Hal Keene (276) 345-8778
  • Popcorn Chair – Angie Higginbotham (540) 599-9111
  • Membership Chair – Ed Evans (304) 673-2969
  • O.A. Chapter Advisor - Barry Nowlin (304) 320-7217

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